Windows 10 operating system is faced with slow booting. This is true for most windows 10 users. Booting Which is seen as starting or the re-starting of a computer can be said to be slow if it takes a longer time to power up.

This Scenario isn’t peculiar to only windows 10, but it also affect other desktop and Private computer operating systems. Our focus will be on revealing the secret behind the slow booting of windows 10 operating system and how to put it to a stop through the step by step guide shown below.

Note that the size of the RAM, the processing speed, hard drive or graphics card of a given PC also play major role when the booting speed of a computer is a matter of concern.

Always  scan your computer for malware and viruses

It is always advisable to run a full scan on your desktop/private computers for viruses, malware and junk files because they are the major agents that slows down the booting operation of windows 10.

After the full scan and some files are shown to be compromised, run any fixes your software advises. You can either install a trusted antivirus software in your PC or use the inbuilt antivirus known as the windows Defender.

windows 10 users can make use of Windows defender for security purposes.

Windows 10 slow booting problem fixed

Incase your choice is windows Defender, press Windows key+I, select Update & Security, then click on the Windows Defender section on the left column and Open Windows Defender.

Programs loading at startup should be disabled

There are so many software that automatically launch themselves during system startup, they include antivirus software, CAD software and so on. As the number of software that launch at startup increase, so as the time your computer takes to boot increases.

The good news here is that you can determine the number of software you want your computer to load at startup.

To achieve this, hold down CTRL+ALT+DEL and then select Task Manager from the menu that appears.

practical ways of fixing Windows 10 slow booting problem

If you are new to using the above procedure, you will need to click the ‘More details’ option at the bottom of the window. Now you should see a list of all the computer software running on your system.

This approach to solving Windows 10 slow booting Problem doesn’t imply that you are disabling the software totally in your PC, it means that your Software can only get launched when you open it.

 Always update the windows, programs and drivers

Windows 10 can be quite slow to boot if either your computer or System Programs are not updated. The slow performance of these programs due to outdated files can make you wait for ages while the system is in the booting process.

You can check for updates on windows 10 by pressing the Windows key+I and then click on Update & Security.

Windows 10 slow booting fixed

After doing that, you will see an option to either check for updates or install ones that are available.
It is advisable to reboot your computer after updates and installations.

change your hard drive to a new superfast SSD

Old hard drives can makes windows 10 slowly boot. So, replace your old hard drive with a new superfast SSD.

 Reinstall Windows

Your computer system gets energized and boots faster when windows are reinstalled every 18-24 months. But ensure to backup your files with a good backup software before engaging in such.

You can reinstall or maybe reset windows by pressing Windows key+I, select Update & Security, then choose Recovery from the list in the left hand column.

Windows 10 slow booting fixed

At the top section of the page you will see the option to Reset this PC. Click on Get started and you will then see a blue box appear with two options to choose – Keep my files and Remove everything.

Choose the former if you want your files left in place, or the latter for a completely fresh version of Windows 10. Your PC will reinstall Windows and give you a much faster boot time when it is finished.

You should also avoid installation of file that you don’t necessarily need as this would eat up the spaces that you will be needing for the necessary installation.
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