This is an advance thread and u
shud know vewi much bout prov
files b4 u come in here
1 . Afta downloading xplore in the
normal 4mat,get a copy of
airtel,etisalat,mtn prov at then select the advance
section to be able to have ur own
customize the provisional file(prov
file)2 . Havin these , the main deal is
how u can edit i.e inputing ur own
desired ip with the former one.The
file view there which is the main
view and it converts every
programmes of any file to digits
3 . So it converts ur prov file to
digits i.e it lets u change the ip in
digits to another digit4 . Now open ur xplore n locate the
prov file, nw select file and then
select edit . It brings 3 rows and a
beeping of a red highlight in the
second row . We are only interested
in the second row and third row > as
u scrol down the 3rd row u see the
access point , ip and other stuffz
while the 2nd row translates it to
digits and the beeping highlights
moves as u scroll down5 . So this simply means that as u
scroll down the 3 rows moves with it
showing u their contents . Now
scroll down and watch the 3 rows ,
when it gets to where u see the ip –
just stop , move to the first digit of
the ip , now on the 2nd row and
place ur beeping highlight on it .6 . On the 3rd row , it shows the ip
in it normal format example – 067 .
059 . 186 . 119 or 067 . 059 . 156 .
119 bt on the 2nd row it shows these
– 30 36 37 2e 30 35 39 2e 31 38 36
2e 31 31 39 . The 2nd row is where
u edit the ip – the red highlight beep
on the digits above on the 2nd
row.The 2e there means dot as it
highlights the digits just scroll to
where ur ip begins i.e 0 nt 3
7 . The figure 3 backs up every
digits of your ip so dnt edit it , just
edit each figure u c beside it . Nw
start from the 1st digit of the
former ip and edit it to its last
digit , dnt change the figure 3 and
the 2e u see there . Now u will see
sumfin lyk this – 30 38 30 2e 32 33
39 2e 32 34 32 2e 32 35 33 . I just
change this ip 067 . 059 . 186 . 119
to 80 . 239 . 242 . 2538 . If u are thru press bck and it will
ask u to save change . Select yes and
u now have your new prov file
edited already


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