AndroidI have a tecno droidpad7c pro. I was fed up with the way it hangs and closes apps unexpectedly so,  I decided to do a hard reset on my droipad7c. I switched off my device, boot it into factory mode, selected the option to clear eMMC, allowed it do the formatting, my phone went blind and decided to re-boot itself.  That was the end of the line.  My device kept showing the Tecno logo,  goes off and display the Tecno logo repeatedly.


Just incase you run into such situation as described above, relax,  grab a coffee and read on.

This solution works for most devices.

SOLUTION 1 (recommended) 

  1. If your phone keeps rebooting upon clearing eMMC, remove your battery if it has one or hold volume down + power button to force the phone off.
  2. Wait for about Five (5) minutes so your device can turn off completely.
  3. Boot the phone into factory mode by pressing volume down + power key
  4. Scroll using volume down button and select clear eMMC.  Use power button to select.
  5. Upon successful formatting of the device it should re-boot itself and startup normally.
  6. If it keeps rebooting and stops at boot image, repeat step 1 – 3.
  7. Then scroll and select re-boot found on the factory mode’s menu.
  8. The device should boot to start up, this may take a longer time to start up though.
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If the solution above does not work for your DROIDPAD7C Pro or any other device (it should work if followed accordingly), then this is the only way to get it back to startup.

You will be needing the following:

  • A backup of your ROM. If you do nt have a backup of your stock ROM or custom ROM,  get a backup from a friend using the same phone as you or look-up the internet and download uploaded stock ROM from the internet (be sure you know what firmware your device is running on).
  • A laptop or desktop
  • A USB cable
  • SP Flashtool (can be downloaded online) and
  • Your phone that has refused to startup.
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  1. Be sure your phone is turned off. Do so by removing your battery and fixing it back. If your device has inbuilt battery and is still rebooting, just hold volume down + power button to turn the phone off. Wait for about five (5) minutes for complete shut down.
  2. Install SP Flashtool into your laptop or desktop.
  3. Upon complete installation, launch SP Flashtool as administrator.
  4. Extract the stock ROM or custom ROM that you want to flash on your Android smartphone.
  5. Go to SP Flash tool and click scatter loading by the right corner.
  6. A window should pop up, select the the scatter file for your phone model and click open.
  7. A list with ticked boxes should appear in SP Flash tool.
  8. Untick any item in front of the ticked boxes that you do not wish to flash.
  9. Once the file you wish to flash is ticked, click download (download has an arrow above it).
  10. Connect the switched off phone to the PC via USB cable.
  11. A progress bar should start running.
  12. Wait until you get a success report then remove the USB cable, wait for 30 seconds then power your phone on.

If you want to Format the phone(i.e install a stock ROM or custom ROM), go through step 1 – 7, then click format at the top. After clicking format, a dialogue box should pop up *ensure that “auto format flash” and “format whole flash without bootloader” are selected.

Click OK, connect the switched off phone via USB cable.  Wait for the progress bar to complete and you get a success message popped up before you disconnect the phone from laptop or desktop and then turn it on. 


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