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Scammers Send Deceitful Messages to Corps Members, BEWARE


ICMaxblog.com has gathered that scammers are now sending messages to corps members with intent to extort from them. These messages are aimed at exciting their targets so they get carried away and fall victims.


We have seen two structures of the kind of messages used by this group. The messages are usually written informally. They shorten words to pose more appropriately as friends. See what’s contained in the text.


Good morning Seun, is me Obinna Daniel, your 2018C corper mate at Kwara State. How are you? My in-law secured me job with SHELL SPDC, Oil and Gas Company in River State and internal employment is going on now. Call me if you wish to apply.”


Seun good morning. How are you, I hope you’re fine. I am Nwala Promise, your corper mate at KW/18C/ . Can you work with shell Oil Company? If yes, call me for information. It’s urgent.”


Don’t fall for this. They call your name, state where you serve,  your village,  DON’T FALL FOR IT.

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Once you call the number attached to the text message you received, it will get picked. Obviously! That was going to happen…
He will exchange pleasantries and act like you both have been friends, probably while he got deployment to another state, you forgot the letters in his name, his voice and even what he looks like. Thank God he remembered you… really?


He will continue to explain the text you had received. Here He tend to make it more glorious, telling you how his uncle was able to slot him in for the Job. That his Uncle works with Shell SPDC. He say stuffs like they get paid monthly (about 60,000 NGN) and they still run their NYSC programme alongside.
Now he says he would send his uncle’s number to you so you can call him. He goes on to offer a call strategy that works …”when you call him, tell him that his cousin gave you his (the uncle) number. Let him know that we are friends from way back, when the hustle was real, during the orientation camp. He (the supposed friend) might even want you to say you both are brothers. Lol!! Just kidding! He knows that’s not possible”…

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He gives his conclusion saying …”his Uncle his a kind man so he will consider you. He will send you a form. Just call him, he will explain better”…
That ends the session with Obinna Daniel.
A victim who went on to call the Uncle told ICMaxblog.com how their discussion went down. He said the Uncle claimed that there is an internal recruitment going on. He said he was going to provide a form. Applicants would fill it and send it back to him.
The Uncle requested for 45,000 NGN (Forty five thousand naira) to allow him process his recruitment. He said the competition is more, he has limited slots and … you know how it goes down that lane.


With regards to all this, ICMaxblog is advising serving corps members and prospective corps members warming up for the next batch and batches to come. Please disregard messages calling for employment and easy money making opportunities. No company offers recruitment opportunities and still charge you for it.

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Did you also receive this text messages? Let us know what you did with it in the comment section below.


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