Robotic, SuitBot

Check Out This Robotic Pant (exoskeleton) That Gives Super Human Strength


The Korean tech giant, LG is getting ready to unpack her latest addition to its CLOi robotics range at IFA in Berlin this month, showing off what it’s calling its first ever “human-centric wearable robot.”

Robotic.  Huh!  Wearable Robot?…. Yea! Thats correct! This is a SuitBot, a robotic exoskeleton that is worn like a pant. It fits into the human body, from the waist down through the legs.

It looks so much like a waist support attached to an extra leg. Are you guessing what it does already? Definitely!…. This CLOi SuitBot has been designed to provide support and enhance a user’s legs.

Robotic, SuitBot

The robotic exoskeleton is designed with a fit and rotating joints. This enables easy movement around. It also creates a comfortable long working periods and standing.

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More interesting is that the SuitBot has built-in “sandal-type” shoes, which LG says automatically adjust so the wearer can get in and out of the wearable robot more easily. You know the way “Iron Man” gets into his robotic suit? If you do,  then that will give you a tip on how this robotic pant is worn.

People that work in factories and people doing heavy lifting or operating heavy tools can find this SuitBot really helpful. Since they stand a chance of demonstrating greater strength and mobility.

We don’t know how much it’s worth for now. Unveiling of the SuitBot is expected to be this month, so,  price for the fancy robotic pant will soon roll out. Toys of this kind are usually expensive. Let’s just hope they’ll be affordable so those in the factory can have a feel.

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