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Playtime to Paytime – Hot to Make Money From Your Hobbies and Ideas


Gary Drumm

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This is not necessarily a book about hobbies. This is a book on  how to turn your hobby into income. With the uncertainty of today’s economic picture, it is necessary to learn to turn our ideas into a business that puts food on the table and maybe even a new Mercedes in the driveway.

The objective here is not to delve into specifics too greatly, such as cash-flow management, accounting, marketing, taxes, or writing a business plan, etc. Thinking in new ways about the possibility of owning your own business, running it your own way and when ever will like (this does not translates to ignoring discipline) is what we would learn. To give you new ideas you may not have thought of, ideas that are outside of the traditional small business realm, such as “I love flower arranging, so I’ll open up a flower shop”.

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You will be provided with excellent resources for getting additional information on a particular hobby you’re interested in making a career out of. There’s a list of Internet links and the end of the book that will open you up to an entirely new world. Everything from where to get the money you need to start, to where to have DVD’s, books, and even CD’s printed on demand – thereby lowering your up front cost for many of the ideas is found in the PDF file attached below.

By estimation there are literally hundreds of potential hobbies that people involve themselves in. This book will focus in on 50 of some of the most common hobbies people engage in and ideas on the Member’s Resource Center. You will be provided with two or three ideas for each hobby. Some of the ideas are universal, such as becoming an “expert” in a particular area and writing a book on the matter. Others are not so obvious.

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The book is limited to these specific hobbies because if it tries to address every single hobby in the world, the book would be 10,000 pages long and no one would read it! Also it does not address hobbies that some would consider to be immoral or illegal because this book is intended to be available to everyone.

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