PC Keyboard to Android

Type On Your Android Phone Using Your PC Keyboard


PC Keyboard to Android

While modern smartphones come with a lot of features packed, many people still prefer to type on their computers rather than on their phones. Here to help you do the latter through your computer keyboard is a tool called WiFi Keyboard.

WiFi Keyboard


Most times typing on our screen could get us bored especially when we have a lot of messages to reply and bulky texts to type. Yes! We can get keyboards for our tablets but,  what if we can type into our Android devices from our PC keyboard?

WiFi Keyboard is a free to use application compatible with smart devices running the Android operating system. The application requires your device to be running version 2.3 or later of Android. The function of this neat tool is to help you type on your device using your desktop or laptop computer’s keyboard.

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The form of connection used to interface the computer and smart device is Wi-Fi. Once you have the app installed on your phone, you will need to choose it as an input method.


To begin typing on your Android via the PCs keyboard, the WiFi keyboard need to be set up properly.

  • Download WiFi Keyboard from playstore
  • Upon complete installation, open WiFi Keyboard
  • Got setting >> Language and input >> current input;  activate WiFi keyboard.
  • Be sure to have activated WiFi keyboard amongst the input option.
  • Open your Android hot-spot and connect it to your PC
  • Upon successful connection to your PC,  open your web browser and visit any web address as seen in your WiFi Keyboard (when the app is opened,  you should see an address to visit).
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WiFi Keyboard as opened in app

  • You should now be connected to your Android after input the address on any browser in you PC.
  • Just begin typing by activating WiFi keyboard as input method and click on any text box.

That’s all

For questions on setting up your WiFi keyboard, please use the comment section below.