Nigeria Top ExaminationMalpratice Index World-wide?


The Director General National
Orientation Agency (NOA) Mr.
Mike Omeri on Tuesday said that
Nigeria has been
ranked number one in the world’s
examination malpractice index.
Speaking in Lokoja during the
launch of campaign to raise
integrity standard in the nation’s
system organized by the NOA in
collaboration with Exam Ethics
Marshals International, he said
the situation
has led to the production of half
baked graduates and collapse of
the education sector.
According to him, report on
examination malpractice in the
country contains very disturbing
information as it puts the average
annual examination malpractice
index at 12 per cent.
“In May/June school certificate
examination conducted by NECO, a
total of 615, 010 cases of
malpractice were
recorded while 439,529 were
recorded in the 2011 examination.
The phenomenon has graduated
into a highly
complex and organized crime
perpetuated by private and
community owned schools,” he
Governor Idris Wada in speech
assured that he would work hard
to eliminate examination
malpractice in Kogi
State, but pointed out that it
requires concerted efforts from
all stakeholders.

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