MTN Slashes its Night Plan Data Cap


MTN network has reduced its data size allocated to its night subscription plan.

Browsing during the night-hours can be hectic as one get to sacrifice their God given sleep for online pleasure(s). However, comparative analysis has shown that users that surf the web during this hours, experience more browsing speed alongside, incredible download speed than those using the web during the day.

Night plans can be very attractive as users get to pay less for a relatively huge amount of megabytes (MB). This can be said to be what motivates people to staying awake into the night.


MTN offered a night plan worth 500mb for just N25 Naira. MTN night’s plan runs from 12.00am until 04.00am. This subscription can only been activated once in 24 hours. This made its users spend their night browsing the internet and am sure it made many happy.

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However, MTN has slashed this subscription’s data cap. Night subscribers will now get 125mb for N25 Naira and 250mb for N50 Naira.

Sounds like a heart breaker to some persons. Well, change is inevitable. To subscribe to this plan,  users can send “N150” as a text to “131” for 150mb at N25 Naira charge. Also,  “N250” to “131” for a data worth 250mb at N50 Naira charge.

The good thing here is, which ever subscription value you choose to fly with,  it can be renewed.  That’s right!!!  You can renew it again and again and again and… As long as you do it within 12.00am to 4.00am

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Aside from down sizing the data values, renewing the night subscription plan is one of MTN new innovation and an encouraging one.

MTN users who wish to use the night subscription plan can now use the subscription codes above as sending “Night” to “131” is no longer functional.

Are you happy with this new development? Let us know what you think. Drop your comments using the comment box below.


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