‘Insincerity Responsible For VarsityCrisis


Vice-Chancellor, Wellspring University, Benin, Edo State, Prof. Godson Igborgbor, has blamed the incessant disruption of academic activities in the nation’s tertiary institutions on the Federal Government insincerity. Bemoaning the current industrial
action by members of the Academic
Staff Union of Universities, Igborgbor
noted that the crises in the universities
were caused by government’s
uninspiring approach to managing the sector.
He said, “I used to be part of it, one
way out of this is for people,
stakeholders, government and even
lecturers to be sincere.
“When after negotiations government says it will do something, it ought to
be sincere about its pledge.
“We must admit that the education is
an expensive venture and when the
government representatives go into
negotiation, they should be able to say this is what we have.”
He added, “Government is still
establishing more universities, but I
think what it ought to do is to expand
and fund better the existing ones. All
universities do not have to produce engineers.
“A university that is well funded and
is productive will fund itself and that is
the issue. Nigerians have gone to
several other countries with the
knowledge they got from Nigerian universities to benefit other nations,
so what we need to do is to make our
programmes more usable, more


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