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How to Pass the NNPC Computer Based Recruitment Test


The management at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, on 22 May,  2019 announced that shortlisting of applicants have been concluded. To this effect, shortlisted applicants are communicated via text messages and email address.

However, verification of applicants credentials shall continue and any one found with faulty credentials will be put aside. The recruitment test will be computer based and has been scheduled to hold on Saturday, 1st of May,  2019.

Following the announcement of date of NNPC  CBT Recruitment test, a lot of applicants have started burning their candles. Here’s is a guide by ICMaxblog.com,  on how to avoid preparing amiss so that you can ace the test.

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How can I Pass CBT exams?

In order to scale through a Computer Based Test (CBT), there is the need to understand the basic computer hard ware and functions. Prepared test will be displayed on the “monitor“.  The monitor is a visual display unit that allows us to understand a system unit through communication with the eye. It displays it’s States on a screen that can be viewed by just looking at it.

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There are two input unit that we should also know: (1) the keyboard (2) the mouse.  Applicants will be provided with login details.  This details will be inputted using the “Keyboard“.  The login details is unique to each Applicant. Once logged in,  it activates a count down timer. Applicants are advised to finish their scheduled test before the count down completes.

Selection of available options will be done using the “Mouse“. The mouse is used to control the cursor that will appear on the monitor. The cursor is arrow like and functions as a selection tool. Applicants are to “left click”  on a choice option to select it.

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Past test have shown that candidates will be tested on their knowledge on;

1)   Mathematical Appreciation

Here,  applicants will be tested on how well they can play with numbers and basic mathematical operations. The mathematical operations will be based on addition, subtraction, multiplication, Division, solving brackets and order (squares roots and powers) operations.

Applicants are advised to start off learning their multiplication table as this will come in handy. Prospective candidates must know how to interpret graphs appropriately regardless of your discipline. Operations on whole numbers,  fractions and decimal number should be prepared for.

2)   English Comprehension

Here, applicants will read Comprehension passages comprehensively in order to successfully answer question accompanying the passages. Understanding of letter series, and operations is also needed.


3)   General skills test

Here applicants will be tested on a general skill knowledge in different disciples related to them. The general disciplines included are:

  • Finance and Social Science
  • General engineering
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Medical
  • Sciences

This section comprises of questions that applicants must have come across during their undergraduate level.


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