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Harvesting Vegetables From The Home Garden


Helen C. Harrison

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Having a home garden is very useful as one get to eat fresh produce from the soil. However, having a poor knowledge on garden management and practices can be a loss to the garden owner.

The time of the day when you harvest vegetables from your garden can influence their quality. Harvest all leafy vegetables, including herbs, in early morning, when they still glisten with dew.

Harvest the following vegetables as close to preparation and meal time as you can: asparagus; snap, broad, green shell, and Lima beans; all root vegetables; broccoli; Brussels sprouts; cabbage; cauliflower; cucumbers; eggplant; kohlrabi; leeks; okra; peas; peppers; summer squash; sweet corn; tomatoes; fresh vegetable soybeans; and cow peas.

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Handle fresh vegetables carefully so that yo do not cut, break or bruise them. To prevent water loss and wilting after harvesting, store them in plastic bags or covered containers in the refrigerator or a cool place.

If you are planning to freeze or can your garden produce, harvest it just before preparing it for preservation. You will have a high quality finished product if you use very fresh vegetables.

To ensure high quality, nutritious vegetables from your garden and to prevent waste, proper harvesting at the right stage of growth is essential. Harvest the vegetables listed below when they exhibit the characteristics as shown in the PDF document below.

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