GrayKey IPhone Unlocker: Unlock Any IPhone Using GrayKey


iPhone hack.

The GrayKey device is a small, gray box measuring four inches deep by two inches tall. The box comes with two Lightning cables sticking out the front for connecting iPhone. Apple should really be worried about it.


The iPhone is no longer the bastion of security it once was. US law enforcement agencies are using a cheap tool to bypass iPhone encryption, drastically reducing privacy while damaging security.

An iPhone connects to the GrayKey device for about two minutes, after which they are disconnected but not yet cracked. The actual cracking process time varies depending on the password strength.

An easy passcode takes around two hours to crack via brute-force, while more difficult passcodes (six digits) can take three days or longer. The GrayKey documentation, also seen by Malwarebytes, doesn’t mention cracking times for longer combinations.

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When the crack finds the device passcode, the phone will display a black screen showing the code with other device information.

GrayKey Downloads the Entire iPhone

The unlocker displays the device passcode, but it also downloads the entire iPhone file system to the GrayKey device. The GrayKey then connects to a web-based interface where it is available for analysis.

The image below shows the results of a cracked iPhone X. Note the “Found passcode,” the very recent “Software Version,” and the “iTunes Backup” and “Full Filesystem” available for download (including their SHA256 hash).

The GrayKey iPhone unlocker has two different versions.

GrayKey unlock iPhone

The first model costs $15,000 and requires internet connectivity to work. In that, the device is geofenced to its initial setup network to make sure the GrayKey isn’t easily transferred. Other reports claim the persistent internet connection model also only allows 300 unlocks, working out at $50 per iPhone.

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The second model costs $30,000 and works offline, with no apparent limit on the number of uses of the GrayKey device. The device will presumably work until Apple finally figures out the vulnerability and patches it.




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