Did you place an order for your new android phone? Have you been an android user and decided to try a new type or brand? This is just for you.


Everyone is always happy when they take possession of new gadgets. You just got your new android phone or replacement for your old phone. Yes, you can’t wait to fix in the battery (if it’s removable) and hit the power button. Slow down!!!

Here are tips to assist you with your new android device.

  • Open the phone pack carefully: you have to be careful as you reveal the device to the world. You might be wondering if the case is needful. Yes, it is. One day you won’t have interest in the now glorious android device and will be needing to give it as a gift to someone or even trade it for some bucks. The android case will come in handy as it would offer authenticity and courage of ownership.
  • Take your time to go through the manual: You probably have read the phone’s specifications online, you have a friend who has the exact device and is the reason why you opted in to get that type of phone. You are so right. Guess what… There is nothing like owning the device. Why not take you time to go through the manual. I know,  there is no time to see what stuff the phone is really worth, then scan through the manual. At least, you made use of the manual. You should pay attention to warnings ⚠ as written on the manual.
  • Get Started: correctly put in your sim card if it uses one, if you have a new or old memory stick, place it in correctly. Fix in the battery (if it uses a removable battery). The battery terminals should guide with correct positioning. Turn on the device, follow the on screen tour and your phone is up.
  • charge Battery before usage: The phone must have been in the store for a while before shipping it to you. I will advise you charge up to 100% before usage.
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You are now ready to rock your new android device.

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