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Become A Publisher – Get Tag For A Smart Link & Earn Without A website


On the internet, you either earn as an advertiser, a publisher, or a viewer. How you pose as will determine the way money tend to flow around you. These three roles (advertisers, publishers and viewer) can not be separated. You are either one in a particular day or all. The advertiser, the publisher and the viewer all work hand-in-hand to achieve their success.

The number of mobile and desktop users is on an increasing count. The internet is as large as the universe, as it can comfortably accommodate the entire planet in one piece. Virtually everybody, that have come of age, uses the internet. They are either browsing on their phones (all brands of mobile devices which includes; Java, Symbian, Android, IPhone, and windows phone) or laptops (Macs, Windows or Linux PC).

The population on the internet increases daily. If we can have a way of getting an extra income via the internet, we would be glad. Imagine a world where you get to surf the internet and earn alongside. If you did make such imagination, get ready to see it come through. What I am about to show you is not new. You would get  some pretty old news explained differently. Yeah! interestingly differently. Get a glass of water, stretch your body and continue reading.

Disclaimer:  This is not a get rich quick scheme. You’d earn, definitely! but, it is going to be based on how much work you can do. The beautiful part of it is, you just need one good work then, you earn continuously even while on vacation.

Become A Publisher

On the internet, you are either an advertiser, a publisher, or a viewer. How you pose as will determine the way money tend to flow around you. These three roles (advertisers, publishers and viewer) can not be separated. You are either one in a particular day or all. The advertiser, the publisher and the viewer all work hand-in-hand to achieve their success.


The Advertisers pay to get their contents/products published to the viewers. Notice how I have combined the three internet roles in one sentence. That’s also how cash flows in one sentence. For the purpose of this exercise, we would be taking the role of a publisher.

As publishers, you get paid for what viewers do to an advert they see. There are several ad companies around the internet to choose from. Some pay “relatively” better than others. I have chosen to use propellerAds for this exercise. PropellerAds offers several interesting ad formats and they include:

  • Native Banners(Responsive, customizable, matches design of your site. Show users content suggestions, relevant to their interests.**For site owners**
  • Native subscriptions – (Profitable format with high CTR, perfectly compatible with all other ads. Get paid for each new subscription (CPS) or impression delivered (CPM).) **For site owners**
  • Onclick popunder (Popular, top-performing full-tab ads. Monetize every visitor on desktop & mobile.) **For site owners**
  • Interstitial (Non full-screen, suitable for desktop & mobile traffic. Get higher revenue compared to the classic banners.) **For site owners**
  • Direct link {Direct ads}(Flexible ad format with smart ads auto-optimization. Send traffic from your own banners, texts or other custom advertising solutions.** Our interest**

How To Become A Publisher

Becoming a publisher is as easy as registering on  icmaxblog.com. All you need to do is sign up for a publisher account. Here are the steps to follow to become a publisher.

  • Visit propellerAds sign up page
  • Select your Account type (individual or company)
  • Enter your first name in the box provided.
  • Enter your last name in the box provided.
  • Enter your country.
  • Enter your city.
  • Enter your address.
  • Enter your contact information. (valid email, phone number, messenger {skype, ICQ,QQ or other}, and corresponding nicknames in messenger.)
  • Click the box next to “I accept terms and conditions
  • Click the box next to “I would like to subscribe to the newsletter” – it is optional.
  • Click the sign up button.
  • Visit your registered email to view your activation link for your publisher account. You need to verify your account through your registered email. This is an important step.
  • Upon clicking the link for verification in your registered email, you will be directed to a page where you’d have to create a password.
  • Enter your desired password in the box provided. Confirm your password in the next box.
  • Click the “Finish and log in” button.
  • Your account has been successfully created.

Upon successfully logging into your publisher account, you will be ask to enter a website domain. Just ignore it.

Getting Tag For Your Smart Link

We don’t have a website or blog so, we are interested in Direct link (Direct ads). We have seen the properties of this kind of ad format. It is flexible with smart ads auto-optimization.

The next step is to to get a custom URL for our smart link.

Steps to get the Smart link tag (This will vary depending on the device you’re logged in with. we will be using a mobile device for our explanation)

  • Log into your publisher account.
  • ignore the website domain input box.
  • Click the three horizontally arranged lines in the top left corner of your publisher account.
  • select Direct LinksYou should see ” you don’t have smart links yet, Create Smart link now to start earning money”
  • click “Create Direct Link” in the top right corner.
  • Choose a direct link name. (Any name to identify that particular link).
  • click “Get tag“. Your link will be created and available for you to copy.

Start Earning ASAP

You are expected to have gotten your smart link at this time. Your smart link is always available at: PropellerAds homepage >> Log in pub. account >> Direct Link >> Get tag

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All you need to do is to place the link on sites or send visitors directly to the URL. See how i have placed my own smart link. To keep it sustainable, use a traffic medium that is sustainable in itself. what do i mean?

It is better to have your URL/Link placed on sites. This will help viewers to continuously have access to them over a sustainable period of time. This means even if you’ve forgotten that your links are some where on the net, the links don’t get forgotten since they can always be accessed and viewed by random viewers.

All you need the viewers to do is to click on the link and you start counting your earnings. Maximize your earnings by dropping your smart links while guest posting quality contents on several sites, share your link on social media for your friends to visit, etc. Once you have your links spread over the net, you can go grab a video game and watch you earnings multiply.

You can post your links as hyperlinks. See what hyperlinks looks like. Hyperlinks covers you links with your desired text just the ones here. This will help you get more converting clicks.

We attend to questions. If you’ve got one, scroll down and drop them in the comment section. We will attend to them as soon as we can.

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