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Medical Physiology – 2nd Edition


Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

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Physiology, the study of normal function, is key to understanding pathophysiology and pharmacology and is essential to the everyday practice of clinical medicine. Level. The level of the book is meant to be midway between an oversimplified review book and an encyclopedic textbook of physiology.

Each chapter is written by medical school faculty members who have had many years of experience teaching physiology and who are experts in their field. They have selected material that is important for medical students to know and have presented this material in a concise, uncomplicated, and understandable fashion.

We have purposely avoided discussion of research laboratory methods or historical material because most medical students are too busy to be burdened by such information. We have also avoided topics that are unsettled, recognizing that new research constantly provides fresh insights and sometimes challenges old ideas. Key Changes. Many changes have been instituted in this second edition.

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All chapters were rewritten, in some cases by new contributors, and most illustrations have been redrawn. The new illustrations are clearer and make better use of color. An effort has also been made to institute more conceptual illustrations, rather than including more graphs and tables of data.

These conceptual diagrams help students understand the general underpinnings of physiology. Another key change is the book’s size: It is more compact because of deletions of extraneous material and shortening of some of the sections, most notably the gastrointestinal physiology section. We also overhauled many of the features in the book.

Each chapter now contains a list of key concepts. The clinical focus boxes have been updated; they are more practical and less researchoriented. Each chapter includes a case study, with questions and answers. All of the review questions at the end of each chapter are now of the USMLE type.

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Lists of common abbreviations in physiology and of normal blood values have been added. Content. This book begins with a discussion of basic physiological concepts, such as homeostasis and cell signaling, in Chapter 1. Chapter 2 covers the cell membrane, membrane transport, and the cell membrane potential. Most of the remaining chapters discuss the different org…

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