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There has never been a time in world history when individuals have been more informed, more empowered, and more “in the mood” to take charge of their personal finance and investing success than now.

The success of the stock market, the rise of the internet, and the mainstreaming of personal finance as a polite topic of conversation at dinner parties have all contributed to this wonderful trend. The driving force behind this occurrence is access to information.

Never before has the individual investor or the household money manager had such low-cost access to such high-quality information. This trend is spearheaded by our partners, the publishing companies you’ll find featured in 101 Money Secrets. They have invested and continue to invest untold billions of dollars to ensure that each of us has the opportunity to get world class personal finance and investing information, analysis, and advise on a regular basis and in a timely fashion.

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We would like to thank them for their past and future success in making this information available to the reading public, and for their participation in bringing 101 Money Secrets to you.

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