Get As Much As 2.5Gb For as Low as =N=1000




Do you know that you can get 2.5 gigabyte worth of data to browse, stream videos and make you data calls? Not just that it is cost at =N=1000 only.


Nowadays, browsing on our mobile phones is becoming too expensive. Smart phones are all over the market.we get to see new version of this kind of devices every day, with screen sizes ranging from normal to super-normal.


Having your smart phones connected to the internet can bring about relaxation as well as recreation. You get to hangout and stay connected to folks all over the world,  in one dial, right in your bedroom.


One of the troubles encountered by smart phone users is the inability to continually and progressively foot their data bills. Most likely, data subscriptions get exhausted before its stipulated duration.


Majority of the population in the world needs the internet either for research & study, business, social activities or relaxation duties (like online gaming). Nobody wants to pay more for a low data cap.  Trust me, we want to pay less for a slightly  bigger data cap or even more data cap.


MTN users can now DOUBLE their subscription values. That’s correct. !!It’s a double something!!. You subscribe to any data bundle and it get doubled, instantly. I am sure you’re already getting excited so,  we would be moving to the HOW.



we would be needing an MTN SIM for this.

  1. Send “PROMO” as an SMS to “131”
  2. Wait for a reply from the server.
  3. You would get a reply asking you to accept, reject or cancel the Promo. Simply reply “1” to accept.
  4. Send “FREE” as an SMS to “131”
  5. Recharge you SIM with =N=1000
  6. Text “106” to “131”

That’s all.


Note that you can double all data bundle types. Just follow the steps and replace (5) & (6) with the correct amount and subscription code.

See subscription codes below

Note that the data will be doubled. So just multiply whatever data you see below by 2 (*2). The price is constant

MTN subscription codes

What's your take on this?