Connect TV Antenna To Your Laptop


TV antenna to laptop


One basic thing we would love to have is a TV set. This is because they don’t only get to keep us informed when connected to a TV antenna but brings a kind of satisfaction while they occupy their space. Do you know that you can connect your TV antenna to your Laptop?


Well, there are loads of portable TV antenna that we could carry about alongside our laptops. For those of us that are students, travellers and TV lovers you definitely have to read on.

Tuners essentially turn a computer into a TV set. Usually they include software that allows you to record programming on your computer too. If you don’t have a tuner, you can add one either by installing a tuner card into your PC or by connecting an external tuner.

Hauppauge WinTV-HVR TV tuner


External tuners have several advantages. Connecting one is easier than opening up your computer and installing a tuner card. The tuner doesn’t take up a slot in your PC. You can easily disconnect it when you’re not using it. And some models have the same design as a USB thumb drive–they’re not only very portable, but also easy to use with more than one computer.


To Set Up an External TV Tuner Follow The Steps Below

Step 1

With your computer running Windows, plug the tuner hardware into a USB port. In most cases it is not advisable to connect the tuner to a USB hub.

Step 2

Plug an antenna or cable TV cable into the antenna-cable-TV connector on the tuner. The connector is threaded and looks like the coaxial connector at the back of a TV or cable box. Some tuners include an antenna for receiving over-the-air TV broadcasts. If you want to view over-the-air TV but your unit doesn’t have an antenna, you’ll have to buy one. Rooftop antennas provide better reception than rabbit-ear antennas. Cable provides better reception than either type of antenna.

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Step 3

If your tuner supports video recording, you’ll want to plug in the A/V cable included with the device. The cable will have composite video and audio RCA plugs–red, white, yellow–and maybe an S-Video connector at the end of it that plugs into your TV or other device you’ll be recording from. Depending on the design of the tuner, the end of the cable that fits into the tuner may be a single plug or another set of composite plugs.

Step 4

After  you have connected the tuner to your computer, Windows should pop up a ‘device found’ alert. If it doesn’t, you might have to reboot your machine to wake up Windows to the new hardware you’ve installed. Either way, the alert is your gate pass to install the software packaged with your tuner. Typically that will be a two-step process: The first step installs the drivers for the device, and the second installs the applications for it.

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Step 5

Once installed, the software will take you through the steps to start viewing TV on your computer.


Looks like we wouldn’t be needing our TV for now.


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