Any attempt to declare falseresult in Edo’s gubernatorialelection should be vigorouslyand ferociously resisted byeveryone – Denja Yaqub


Any attempt to declare false result of today’s
gubernatorial election in Edo State should be
vigorously and ferociously resisted by everyone.
The resistance will not be limited to the state.
The battle for the dangling soul of democracy
in Nigeria will be fought everywhere, every
nooks and crannies of Nigeria and in the
international community. The results, as collated
by party agents, international and local
observers, which are already in public domain
show a clear, indisputable victory in favour of
the candidate of the Action Congress of
Nigeria, Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole, the
incumbent Governor of the state.
I recall the incident of the April 2007 election,
which gave a clear victory to Comrade
Oshiomhole, which was upturned overnight even
after the INEC Commissioner at the time had
congratulated the Comrade in his office.
If INEC collude with PDP tonight to repeat the
same, they should be held responsible for the
massive resistance that would follow. The
resistance then will be to defend democracy and
all patriots, civil society groups, trade unions,
students, traders and indeed, all artisans as well
as other organisations of the progressive
extraction, including religious organisations all
over Nigeria should be prepared for a massive,
deregulated battle to save Nigeria at once.
We must all be prepared to use the last pint of
our blood to promote decent politics for a better
society that will be reassuring for our collective
Anenih and his bandits had promised to capture
Edo State, showing how pedestrian this ageing
state dependant can be. Only a bereft politician
without any culture of decency, with absolute
contempt for the people will open his mouth,
oozing stinks of a decaying memory will talk
about capturing anywhere in a democratic contest.
We must get set for this long battle, and we can
promise it will be a battle for the recovery of all
our lost values. It will extend to a battle to
reclaim our country from the stranglehold of
these inept, thieving, irresponsible crass
opportunists in power.
It will be our collective battle. It will be a battle
for Nigeria.
Once more, Nigerians as well as the international
community, local and foreign media and popular
organisations at home and abroad already have
the result as collated by party agents, local and
international observers and media organisations.
Should they tinker with the result, they should
be rest assured that they would be tinkering with
national peace and tranquillity.
No one should sleep, until the official
announcement of the result as genuinely collated
from the polling units.
Congratulations to all voters in Edo State and to
all supporters within and outside the state.
Congratulations to democracy.

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