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2018 Batch B Winding Up Corps Members – NYSC


The 2019 Batch B of the National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, is coming to a wrap. This set of Corps Members started serving their father land since June 2018. Some got opportunities to serve in their most preferred States,  others ended up in one of the states  they had chosen but was never their more preferred. Some fell into the category that got posted to States they never chose,  States they could hardly remember if asked to recite the “States and capitals”.

As a prerequisite to being employable in a reputable firm/institutions,  Nigerians are made to complete a one year national service. This service is conducted by the National Youth Service Corps, NYSC. This body has said that their major reason for establishing a compulsory national service for her citizens is to promote both “inter-ethnic” and “intra-ethnic” relationship.

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However, the scheme has become an important duty today. Certificates are usually issued at the end of a successful completion of service. This certificate is a treasure to protect. It is required for most employment opportunities, most scholarships (especially Masters Scholarship and PHDs)  and the likes.

The 2019 Batch B Corps member both stream 1 and 2 are warming up for passing out parade / Winding Up ceremony. People in this category are advised to stay glued to this blog category in ICMaxblog.com

ICMaxblog.com has made it a duty to keep all prospective members of the 2018 batch B National service Corps (stream 1 & stream 2),  informed on their POP dates and all that is required.

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